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How KnowAgent Works?

Ask anything you want from the database. Just like talking to an agent.

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Switch Between Several Databases

Seamlessly import your own datasets into a well-structured document database, ensuring that their valuable information is organized and easily accessible. Then switch between these imported databases to ask questions about.


Set Specific Column as Advanced Filters

Set specific columns as advanced filters to make your chatbot replies more related and accurate.


Set Personalized Info to Query

Self-defined personalized information can be sets of variables in our query template. You can set whatever personal information you want to make chatbot replies more personalized.


Customized Reply with Prompt Template

By editing the prompt template, you can adjust the output format of the chatbot, which helps users get more structuralized answers.


Free Chat with Database

Ask anything to the database, just like using GPT-4 empowered with the database knowledge.


Integrate with 3rd Party APIs

With 3rd party APIs integrated, we support our customers in fetching the newest information from web sources at the same time, which enriches the output of KnowAgent.


Top-K Relevant Content Display

Last but not least, KnowAgent displays the top-k most relevant paragraphs from the database. This helps users trace the source of the chatbot replies, providing clues about the summary and generated content.

Use Your Own Data

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