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Reimagining creativity with artificial intelligence



Med-Laplace is our proprietary Large Language Model (LLM) tailored for the medical field. Expertly crafted to understand and respond to intricate medical queries, our AI website offers unparalleled insights powered by the advanced capabilities of Med-Laplace.


Fin-Laplace is our custom-designed Large Language Model (LLM) dedicated to the financial realm. On our AI website, users can harness the deep financial knowledge and analytical capabilities of Fin-Laplace, ensuring unparalleled financial insights driven by state-of-the-art linguistic technology.



Agent-Laplace is our research initiative centered around the expansive realm of AI language model agents. This endeavor delves deep into the intricacies of linguistic AI, positioning our platform at the forefront of knowledge, where human interaction meets unparalleled AI comprehension and responsiveness.


SAM-Laplace is our innovative semi-automatic image annotation and segmentation model. Through our platform, users can leverage the precision of SAM-Laplace to streamline image labeling and partitioning tasks, delivering accurate results with the synergy of human intuition and advanced AI technology.

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