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Effortlessly Set Up AI Chatbots for Your Website

Install an AI Chatbot that can answer questions and answers directly about website content.

Save customer service time and filter important issues.

​Function Highlights

Automated crawler to build website knowledge base

General information questions

Respond directly to questions and answers based on the website’s knowledge base

​Operators can focus on important customers

​Increase transaction conversion rate

​Follow customer intent

Guide customers to take action at the right time

​Increase transaction opportunities

Preserve brand identity

The AI Chatbot created can be added with

Logo and main brand color

Combined with the original website experience

Customer Testimonials

What a great service! Customer support has become much more efficient since we started using AI chatbots. Although the initial setup cost is high, I think it is a worthwhile investment considering the convenience and efficiency gains it brings. The team's professionalism and service attitude are also very satisfactory.

Mr. Lin, Taipei, printing network operator

The initial investment is significant for a small company like ours, but in the long run, this service saves us a lot of time and resources. Chatbots are responsive and effective in resolving customer issues. We look forward to further cooperation and service upgrades.

Ms. Wang, Tainan, head of marketing agency

Best Value

AI 聊天機器人架設+維護



Every month

+$200 基礎架設費

透過自動化網絡爬蟲,基於網頁資料建立知識庫驅動的 AI 聊天機器人,能夠即時回應訪客查詢,提升用戶體驗,同時減輕您的客服負擔。



基於知識庫的 AI 聊天機器人互動邏輯

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